Eugenia Amisano

  • Singer
Performs on:

Born in Genoa in 1974, she graduated in theatre-dance at the 'Paolo Grassi' school of dramatic art in Milan. She began studying singing with her mother Carmen Vilalta, a Spanish teacher and opera singer, before embarking on personal research on the voice between the ancient and the popular. Her teachers include: Hervé Diasnas, Claude Coldy, Adriana Borriello, Giovanni Di Cicco (contemporary dance/bodywork practices), Lia Ruscica, Simona di Spirito (flamenco dance), Maria Consagra, Federica Granata (theatre), Elena Ledda, Francesca Breschi (singing), Francesca Zaccaria (yoga). She is a graduate in the Feldenkrais Method under the guidance of Frank Wildman and Eilat Almagor.
She has participated in various theatre and music productions in Italy and abroad as singer-actress-dancer, with Italian and international companies.