Natasha Binder

  • Piano
Performs on:
Natasha Binder, age 13, is the fifth generation of musicians in her family. Since age three she has studied with her Grandmother, Lyl Tiempo. Since age 7, she has performed in St Johns Smith Square, in London, Belgium Conservatoire, Palais des Beaux Arts and The?a?tre de la Monnaie, Buenos Aires Teatro Colon, Venezuela and the Pietrasanta Festival in Italy. Coming from a family of pianists, Natasha enjoys perform- ing with her mother as conductor Karin Lechner, and her uncle, Sergio Tiempo in the Mozart Triple Piano Concerto and together with her grand- mother, the Bach Concerto for 4 pianos. Most recently, Natasha has performed in Venezuela Liszt and Ravel, and the Ravel Piano Concerto with the Brussels Choral Society in the Palais de Beaux-Arts, Brussels.