l'anno del violino

Important message

Pietrasanta in Concerto is appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and stands firmly on the side of freedom and democracy that make Ukraine so unique in the Russian-speaking world.

As a classical music festival, we have always invited Ukrainian and Russian artists, who are so prominent in our profession.

We will continue to invite musicians from any country that support the humanistic values that are ours in Italy, and stand against war, the killing of civilians, and the crushing of a newborn democracy.

These include innocent Russian musicians and those who openly regret having been brainwashed by Russian propaganda.

We stand with our Ukrainian friends, and sincerely hope that this nightmare ends soon.




You have a choice of buying your tickets(s) either online or from one of the points of sale in Pietrasanta. You may prefer the online option if you are planning your evening(s) ahead of time or if you are simply not based in Pietrasanta. And of course it’d guarantee your attendance as the cloister has a limited number of seats, in particular during these challenging times.


The enthusiasm of our public has been great over the years, and its support allows us to survive and prosper.
Once again this year, the Festival will feature world class artists, and needless to say, your support will be of utmost importance to decide the future of the Festival.

COVID-19 measures

If you are travelling to Italy, you may find useful information at this link, about the Italian sanitary protocole.